Playlist: March 8th

This has been an exciting week, to say the least! I did the once-unthinkable and launched the website you’re reading right now with my good friend Colin. The two of us have a lot to say, and we hope you enjoy and engage with our (mostly) unfiltered thoughts in the weeks ahead.

The Unproductive Visit

“Two?” asked the man, holding a laptop bag at his side. It was a reasonable assumption– floor two of this building was the residential apartments, a logical destination for the awkward-looking twenty-something opposite him. But he wasn’t quite right.

Appetizers: Joe Danger Touch

Joe Danger, career stuntman, has certainly made a name for himself over the past few years. His charming motorbike feats on home consoles offered an approachable but challenging platforming experience that won the hearts of many gamers looking for something fresh.

Bayonetta 2 From All Angles

A sequel to Bayonetta is in development at Platinum games. Bayonetta is surely one of the studio’s more popular titles, so this is not so strange. What is strange is that this game is being produced and published by Nintendo, and is releasing exclusively on the Wii U.

Appetizers: Hundreds

My favorite games on the iOS App Store continue the trend that Nintendo’s Wii started in 2006; they utilize simplistic, natural controls to create engaging experiences that almost everyone can play, but few can master.