The Johto Quorum – 152-182

It’s into the region we’re named for that we now head. Gold, Silver, and Crystal’s menagerie awaits judgment, and they may be certain that it’s on its way. Will we kill Cyndaquil? Is it see you later, Feraligatr? And what of the babies? We’re really in the weeds now, y’all. Our podcast art is done …


The Johto Quorum – Movie Night

This week on the Johto Quorum, Six and Allen are back, but… they’re not quite ready to close the book on Kanto. There’s still some unfinished business to attend to. What could it be…? Perhaps they want to just have a good time? Remember, folks, we don’t need a holiday to start to celebrate. Repeat …


The Johto Quorum – 133-151

The Quorum reassembles. It’s time to finish the Kanto pokedex, as Six and Allen’s first task comes to an end. With all these legendaries, how do Red Blue and Yellow handle the most powerful of pokemon? Only one way to find out. Join us. Play in new window | Download

The Johto Quorum – 102-132

This week, it’s another guest episode! Our good friend Ryan (@BluestRose430 on Twitter) drops in as we push towards the end of Kanto’s pokedex. Boy, there sure are some stinkers in this part of the dex, huh? But next episode, we’ll finish out Kanto with a bang. Our podcast art is done by Robin (@CourageousRobin …